Words of Encouragement

Ask anyone who knows me well and they will tell you that my love language is most definitely words of affirmation. I mean, who doesn't love to be told that they've done a good job or that they're appreciated?? While I realize this isn't everyone's love language, I really try to give my kids at school lots of affirmation and I try to encourage them to give praise/encouragement to their classmates and friends all throughout the day. To help us think of ways to encourage others with our words today, we read Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch.
I love this book for so many reasons. First, it is a great example of how a character can change in a story. Second, it a precious story of how our actions and words can build someone up and give them encouragement when they might need it most. After reading the story and discussing the changes in Mr. Hatch, we each picked a staff member of our school to surprise with some words of encouragement. My kids were so thoughtful in their writings and drawings, since they knew we were going to surprise who they were writing about later in the afternoon.
This sweetie has come such a long way in her letter/sound knowledge!

This one cracked me up!! She wrote it to our assistant principal and I love the part about her paying me!

I love the detail in his picture - it looks just like he's in her small group!
After we were done, we walked around campus and delivered our special valentines. The kids were so excited to read their writing to our staff and I loved that they saw doing something nice for others would make them feel good!

Our principal - seriously the best!
Our assistant principal - a.k.a. the lady who pays teachers ;)

Mrs. Hardy, our remediation teacher, and a SAINT! She is by far the most patient, loving teacher I've ever met!
If you would like to do this with your class, you can grab the writing page by clicking the picture below.
If you'd like more activities to go with this story, check out Cheryl's reading companion. It's an awesome pack, that has so many great activities!


  1. Thank you so much for the writing freebie! I am going to use this tomorrow. :) Our kids will have so much fun with this.
    Mrs. Black's Bees

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this freebie and activity! I changed my entire day today to fit this in and it was a definite success! My kiddos loved the story and writing, and the smiles and hugs that they each received when they delivered their writing to each person in our school, were priceless. My only regret is that I didn't carry my camera around to get each child's picture with the person they wrote about.


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