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Happy December everyone! If you're anything like me, you're wondering how December got here so quickly and you're a *little* bit stressed when you think about how to fit everything you want to do in at school and at home! I'm really trying hard this year though not to let it bother me if everything doesn't happen, and really enjoy this special season with my own child and my kids at school.
This past week, we had gingerbread week and the kids had a blast {I plan to blog about it, but you can click here to see what we did last year}! They also loved all the new Christmas centers we started during literacy workshops. During workshops, not all my kids always visit the same tub/activity. Because different children need work on different skills, I try to create lots of activities that all focus on different phonics skills so that everyone has something specific to their need. Here's what different partner groups are working on:

Matching uppercase letters to lowercase letters and recoding the matches:
Clipping letters for ending sounds {and getting fine motor practice in!}:
Spelling sight words:
A lot of my kids are working on reading cvc words:
{I've tried to start making a lot of puzzle activities this year in which I make random cuts, so that each puzzle is self correcting to give my kids extra support this year}

Determining the middle sound in words:

Matching pictures to their beginning letter:
Matching rhyming pictures:
These centers along with others are in my Christmas packs {click the images below to find out more}:

I'm off to work on the next pack in my Nifty Numbers series...I can't wait to finish and show you!

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  1. You're totally right, I'm trying to be ok with not getting to everything!! It's so hard, lol!


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