These Are The 3D Shapes

Oh my word...we have listened to this song so much, I go home singing it everyday!! It has definitely made an impact on my kiddos while we've been learning 3D shapes this week.

We listen to it everyday!! Another activity we did that helped introduce the shapes was to eat an example of each shape. We love to eat in our class {ha!}, and eating the shapes really helped the kids remember the names.
After we ate the shapes, we made a little anchor chart to help us remember the attributes of each shape.

After our introduction, we've been focusing on one shape a day. First, we sort shapes as a class to find our focus shape.
Then, the kids complete an independent sorting page as well as a quick little activity page to identify the focus shape.

Our shape guys also made a return and the kids were so excited. Actually cutting the shape for all the parts of the shape person really helps those attributes stick with the kids!

The rest of the week we'll focus on cylinders and spheres. If you're interested in any of the shape activities, you can get them in my 3D shape pack on TpT.

I'm off to whip a quick door decoration and bake our cake for the 100th day tomorrow!


  1. Love this math activity! Definitely using these ideas for my kiddos!



  2. I love your 3D Shape's in my cart! I'm so happy to find another great kindergarten blogger! I've been teaching for years (mostly 3rd & 4th grades) but decided to change schools and the only spot open was.....kindergarten! So I took's a WHOLE new world in kinder but I can't imagine doing anything else now! I'm your newest follower and look forward to getting to know you and learning some new & great ideas!

    Stephanie Ann
    Sparkling in Kindergarten

  3. CUTE shape people! I am worn out on that song, as well…Smiles, Jayne
    Smart Kids
    ABCs of Reading

  4. Haha, we've been doing 3D shapes as well!! Then video has been removed, but I think I know exactly the song you're talking about!! We've been watching this all week!!! Hopefully we don't have any snow days so we can finish the unit up!!



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