Let's Celebrate Reading!

It's that time again!!

Is it really already time for Read Across America? This year seems to be going at warp speed and I kind of need it to slow down just a little bit! Our school celebrates Dr. You Know Who in a big way, and today we kicked off the week by reading The Cat in the Hat and wearing hats to school.
First, we read the story and discussed adjectives that describe the cat. The kids had to give me evidence to back up their adjective. This is still al ittle tricky, but we're getting there! We also made these cute cats to hold our writing. {These are a take on Kim Jordano's cats - love her stuff!}.

We also talked a lot about how Dr. Seuss used rhyming words in his stories. We did a quick little rhyming review by playing a mingle game where they kids had cards and matched up according to the rhymes. Then, we used the cards for our anchor chart. These are from my Rhyme Time Match It Up pack and are in color in the pack, but I was in a rush and just printed them in grayscale on colored cardstock. The kids love playing mingle games like this!

Then, we did some independent practice where the kids came up with two of their own rhyming pairs. They did really well with this {sometimes this is a tricky skill!}. You can get the rhyming page here.

We also started some new "Crazy Cat" workshops and I have never seen my kids more engaged! Don't ask me why, but they are loving our workshops so far this week!
We are working on word familes...

And distinguishing between real and non-sense words...
Some of us are working on beginning sound identification...
Again, we're working on rhyming words...
And, our newest workshop, the sentence scramble was a big hit...
All of these activities can be found in my Crazy Cat pack that I just updated.
Is your school celebrating this week? I'd love to hear what you're doing!


  1. Wow, what fun! Oh and your room looks super cute!
    Daisy Days for Learning

  2. Do you have a pattern for the Cat in the hat craft/writing activity? I know my kids will be so excited!

  3. Thank you for the great ideas for rhyming! Always looking for new activities for this skill!


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