Snow Day....Whaaaaattt??

I can officially now say that I've had a snow day! {Well, 2 actually}
The weather here has definitely been crazy and my family and friends in Birmingham and Atlanta are still having a time getting home and to their abandoned cars! My sister, who is in Birmingham, ended up spending the night at my niece's daycare and my sweet friend Angela spent the night at her school! Definitely a wacky week!
While I've been home, I've been prepping my groundhog activities. I'm going to try to cram as much as I can tomorrow, and we'll keep using the centers next week. Here's a peek at what we'll be doing {excuse the floor...we were playing and prepping at the same time!}.

We'll learn about groundhogs and Groundhog Day with these fact sheets {I'll also project these onto our screen} and student readers.

We will also make a class graph of our groundhog prediction...I wish I would have brought chart paper home to make the header!
The kids will also start some new workshops. I have a few kiddos still working on matching letters, who will use this center.
Some will work on identifying beginning sounds/letters by picking a card and writing the letter that stands for the first sound in the word.
 The kids will also continue to work on spelling CVC words.
We'll also continue to identify beginning blends.

In math, we'll also start some new math centers.
In each pack I make, I include ten frame and numeral cards. I love these because I can do so much with them! This week, the kids will use them to practice counting on and making 10.
We're also going to continue to practice our addition facts to 5.
And, since base 10 is still giving us a little trouble, I'm hoping this center will hekp.
If you think you could use any of these activities with your sweeties, you can get them in my Groundhog Games pack. If you already have it, be sure to download the updates!

I'm hoping that it will warm up a little and I can go get the stuff to make these cute cupcakes.
{Idea from Little Giraffes}
I'm off to try to get a little housework done and be productive the rest of this snow day {or we may just stay in our jammmies and play!}. Hope you're safe and warm wherever you are!


  1. Love the updates to your Groundhog's Day Packet!! So cute!!! :)
    Mrs. Black's Bees

  2. what a wonderful blog you have! inspiration for my brand new blog in hopes one day mine can look like yours! i will look forward to exploring your posts :)kimberly

  3. Terrific pack--and, yes, you're packing a lot into one day!!! We're going back after 3 days off, too! AND I'm making those exact same cupcakes--just took them out of the oven!! I'm READY! Hope your day is awesome!


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