This past wee, we dove into all things penguins and my kids had a blast!!
I like to start our themes by letting the kids give me their schema  about our topic. I record it with stickies on our chart, then we add new learning throughout the week.
After reading lots of informational stories, we worked together to create a tree map. We attached them to our cute penguin crafts.
We also loved reading Tacky the Penguin! We listed his character traits then compared him to real penguins. {I forgot to snap a pic of the comparison, but you can grab it by clicking on the document!}
Of course, on Friday, we had to do the experiment to see how penguins stay warm and the kids loved it!

We also used penguins to review some math skills { I didn't get many pictures since we were VERY into the lessons!}
We worked on decomposing 10...
and comparing numbers...
and also decomposing teen numbers {we had a group of 10 on one iceberg and another group on the other iceberg}.
All of the math activities are in my Playful Penguins pack {along with the craftivity}.

I'm off to *hopefully* finish updating my groundhog say it was bad is an understatement!! Happy Saturday!

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  1. Vickie!! This looks like such a GREAT week of learning! Your Anchor charts are SO CUTE!!!

    A Day in First Grade


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