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Is there really only 1 more week until Christmas break?? I am soooo ready to be home for a couple of weeks, but I have so much to do at home and school before Christmas and I am trying to get it all planned out so I won't be too stressed to enjoy the season with my sweet kids at school or my sweet girl at home.

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At school, we've been super busy trying to keep it academic while still celebrating the season. At the end of the day during the past 2 weeks, we've been working on some ornaments to decorate our class tree and they've turned out so cute! I've been making these same ornaments for 10 years now and most of them I got from a kindergarten teacher that I mentored under throughout high school and college {Mrs. Shelley literally made me the kindergarten teacher I am!}. Here's a little peek at what we made:
Snowflake...paint 4 notched craft sticks white and while they're wet, sprinkle with clear glitter and fake snow. Glue together to make a snowflake shape
 Candy Cane...cut a red or white pipe cleaner in half, let the kids string red and white beads on, then bend into a candy cane shape
 Mouse...Cut the body out of grey felt and the ears out of pink felt, cut two small slits in the body to hold the candy cane tail, glue ears, eyes and nose {this might be my favorite!}
 Christmas Tree...I used a die cut at school to cut the trees out of foam, then let the kids glue their picture and sequins on it
 Wreath...String green and red beads on a green pipe cleaner, twist into a circle, and add a bow
 Rudolph...Paint three craft sticks brown, glue together, add eyes and a nose

We still have one more thing to add to our tree this week, but I'm loving the way it helps get our classroom in the Christmas mood! What are your favorite ornaments to make at school?

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