It's The Holiday Season!

Have I mentioned how much I love Christmas and all things December? I love putting a tree up in my room, decorating, and playing Christmas music while my kiddos are working. We got right in the swing of things today with our Christmas centers, but it was so super crazy being the first day back after a week off, that I didn't snap any pictures. However, I did bring some center stuff home to take pictures of, which meant I got to use my good camera that I'm too much of a chicken of to take to school {having an ipod and cash stolen from your classroom will do that to ya!}. Just excuse the floor!
What we're working on {from my A Sleigh Full of Centers Pack - includes math also, but if you just need ELA, click here}:
Making reindeer letter pairs
Matching presents to the right letter tree
Putting the presents under the correct tree by reading CVC words
Baking up word families - reading words and sorting them by word family
Spelling sight words to decorate the tree
Stocking sounds - working on beginning blends
Filling Santa's sack with words - determining medial sounds
Rolling a letter - working on our handwriting
My paper was crumpled above because I had a little helper in the picture taking
In writing, we started brainstorming our letters to Santa. Today, we made a list of the things we want to ask him for. The kids really thought about it and I loved that they included their families on things to ask Santa for. {You can get this free here!}
Last, I have to share again about the super simple, but highly effective sight word game we've been playing. It started in November with the boys against girls trying to get the most turkey feathers. We kept track of who won the game each day and then the day we got out for break, the games were tied and we tried to have a tie breaker, but everything I thought of ended in another tie! {Smart kiddos!} So, we've renamed our game the Sight Word Showdown and we're now playing to see who gets the most ornaments!
We play every day and whoever wins this game, gets a tally mark under their team name and at the end of this month we'll see who has won the most games or see if we have a tie again. You would not believe how motivated my kids are to learn their required words plus some! They are so competitive {in a good way}, and I love it!
Also, really quickly - I FINALLY finished the 3D shape pack for all of you who had been asking about the picture below to go check it out!

That's all for tonight...don't forget to hop over to TpT and empty out your wishlist! I'm headed there now!


  1. I love, love, love that sight word challenge!!

    A Day in First Grade

  2. I don't quite understand - what is the sight word showdown? What happens?

  3. You have the most fun and cutest ideas! Please share what the sight word game is! I know they children love a friendly competition!

    Thank you!


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