What We've Been Up To {Thanksgiving Style}

It has been a whirlwind of Thanksgiving festiveness around here! Just a warning that this is a long, random picture post {but with some freebies!!}
We've read lots of stories to work on our sequencing. We usually read the story, and go back in the text to make sure we're sequencing right on our large group chart, then the kids complete their sequencing page indpendently {referring to the chart if they need to}.
We sequenced Turkey Trouble, There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Pie, and One Is A Feast For A Mouse. {one I left for a sub and it was the perfect activity for them when I was gone!}

You can get all the sequencing activities above in my Thanksgiving Sequencing Pack.
We also learned all about turkeys this week. We read informational stories, then charted what we learned. We made some turkeys with "real" feathers that I've been making since I student taught and we also made a turkey that we labeled.

You can get this tree map here :)

Keeping with the Thanksgiving fun, we learned all about Indians and the first Thanksgiving with my friend Kristen's pack. {Check it out here}. It has some great informational text! We made these little Indians that I've also been making for-eve-er!

Our lunchroom cooked up an awesome Thanksgiving feast for us and our families and we dressed up like Indians to celebrate. {These are just pillowcases that we cut - they always turn out so cute!!}

Keeping with the "feast-evness," we watched Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving and compared the feast that Snoopy prepared with the feast we normally have on Thanksgiving. Then, we had our own feast of jellybeans, toast, pretzels, and popcorn. The kids loved it! They also wrote about what their perfect feast would be.

You can get this writing page here :)

 Last, we made these handprints that are one of my most favorite things to make. The parents love them every year and even though we push academics hardcore, I love sending home a reminder that they're still kids {and still someone's baby}. You can get this here on google docs.
That's all...I'm off to snuggle up with this little love that turned a year old last week!!!

We get all of next week off and I'm soooooo excited! Happy Thanksgiving to you!


  1. Love all these activities and the artwork is so cute! So are the Indians!! How do you fit it all into your day? We have school Monday and Tuesday next week. Enjoy your holiday and your time off!

  2. Marianna!!!!! I forgot how close we are (Tally)! :) Love your little 'Indians' and your precious little one year old!

  3. Your daughter is adorable. I can't believe how fast that year went by! The outfit is so cute!

  4. Your Thanksgiving activities look like a lot of fun! I will be borrowing a couple of your ideas...hope you don't mind!
    Teaching with Giggles


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