We have had a jam packed week learning all about the pilgrims and we have had so much fun {while learning a lot too!}.
We started the week by reading about the pilgrims' voyage on The Mayflower. My kids thought it was disgusting that the pilgrims had no bathroom or shower on the ship! We made a big Mayflower to hold all of our facts we wrote together during shared writing, then we each made our own Mayflower. We wrote about what we would take with us if we were on the Mayflower voyage. {You can get this activity in Deanna Jump's Thanksgiving Pack}

We also read lots of informational texts about the pilgrims and pilgrim life. We made these super easy pilgrims to hold our graphic organizer {you can get the organizer in Caitlin Clabby's November Unit}.

We also compared pilgrims with people that live today. We used April from Chalk Talk's headers to create our Venn Diagram. Then, we sorted pictures by the time period they were from.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we also talked about all we are thankful for. We started by reading one of my very favorite books {and if you are a mom of a little one, you have to have this book at home as well!}.
Then, we charted all we are thankful for and picked one thing that was our most thankful thing to write about. You can get the writing sheet here on google drive. :)

Last, if you're needing a little motivastion to get your kiddos to learn those pesky sight words, this is a SUPER simple, easy game that my little ones love to play! They beg me everyday to play! All you do it split the class into two teams {we do boys versus girls and are keeping up with who wins the most games now through the end of November}. Then draw some turkey bodies. Each time a team gets a word right, they get a feather. Easy, right? It's also an easy review of counting and more/less.
That's it guys. I'm off to enjoy my 3 day weekend. We're getting Veterans' Day off for the first time ever! Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Love these activities! I start my unit next week…thanks for sharing! :)

    Color Me Kinder

  2. Looks like your students had a blast learning about Pilgrims! Where did you get the pictures to sort for the then and now page? I love these ideas!!


  3. So many ideas on here! Love the turkey sight word game.

    Enchanted Kinder Garden

  4. So many cute things! Did you do them during your writing block or social studies time?


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