More Fall Fun!

So, I had everything ready to finish up showing you all our fall fun Friday, then I left my stinkin jump drive with my pictures at school and since I live 35-40 minutes away, the fun had to wait until today. :)

We finished up our week by making these cute scarecrows {a cute freebie from Mynda Rivera on TpT!!} to hold our tree maps we made about scarecrows.

I've had quite a few people ask how I have my class writing so early in the year, and let me explain that I'm not Super Woman!! We do this TOGETHER! We come up with what we want on our chart and then they copy what I write, so it's almost like a handwriting lesson also (which we rarely get). I don't stress over what it looks like right now though, and here are some examples to prove that.
We range from this:

to this:

And that's ok!! One of my favorite parts of teaching kindergarten is seeing how different the kids' abilities in different areas are at the beginning and to watch their growth.

We also used our fall/scarecrow theme in math last week as we worked on the number 6.
We started on the number line by singing our 6 Black Crows song that Deeanna made up. I let one student wear my jean jacket and an old straw hat to be the scarecrow while other students were the crows being shooed away. The kids had a blast!

We also sang our 6 black crows song and made equations to decompose 6.

We used leaves to practice adding one more on the ten frame as well as making equations for 6 {using double sided leaf manipulatives}

Many of these activites can be found on Deeanna's blog here.

I promised to send my fall pack to someone and Connie is the big winner. Could you email me so I can send your pack?

For those who left comments but didn't win, here's a little Halloween letter match freebie I made last year for you. Maybe you can use it ;)
This week we're on to Fire Safety and I am using my resources from lots of blogging friends {is it bad that I'm too tired to make something on my own??}


  1. Nope, it's not bad...that's why we LOVE TPT!!

  2. Thanks for showing the different levels of your kiddos writing. I am feeling better now. I was thinking that a few of mine were the only kinders who didn't have a clue as to how to write their letters yet, even after 7 weeks of

  3. Thank you for sharing all the ability levels of your students'. I work with the strugglers and their writing is exactly like what you showed. Thanks for the freebie, too! I love your stuff and your style of teaching!! One question... do you fill in the graphic organizer as you discuss with your students? If so, do you create a new one each year?

  4. Cute. You know I love some tree maps! Seeing all the levels makes me happy, too. Jayne
    Smart Kids
    ABCs of Reading

  5. Vickie! I love this post and LOVE your anchor charts. Seriously, you win the award. :)

    A Day in First Grade


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