Halloween Freebie

I'm home with the little one today, so as I'm holding her while she naps {anyone have ideas for a baby that HATES the crib??}, I made some little letter bingo cards we'll use at our party Thursday.

Hopefully, you can use these too! {click on the picture}


  1. Thanks for sharing! I remember those days when my daughter didn't like the crib. She was awake every hour of the night for the first year. She never wanted to go to sleep at bedtime either, and she wasn't a napper. I don't know how we did it with very little sleep, but we got through it. She is now 20 and is more than making up for not sleeping when she was a baby!

  2. I love the bingo cards and would love to use them at our party on Thursday, but is there any way to generate a few more variations of the cards. I have 28 students would have too many with the same cards. Totally understand if this is not a possibility, but thought I would ask. Thanks for all of your great ideas. I love your blog!!!!

  3. What a great freebie! Thank you!
    ~ Amy

  4. Too cute!!!! Thanks for sharing!


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