My Summer So Far {And An Alabama Meet-Up}

Is it really already June 19?? Seriously, the past two weeks since school let our have FLOWN by!! I have so much I want to accomplish this summer and I feel like I'm already behind {both family and school wise not to mention that baby weight that won't go away!!}
So far, I've been loving hanging out with this little cutie. Luckily, she doesn't mind being dragged to Target, Hobby Lobby, or any other random place we decide to go. Especially when she gets pool time {and by pool, I mean the kiddie blow up version} when we get home :).

I've also been slowly working on some new things that I'm super excited about. It's taking me a little while since the aforementioned cutie is too sweet not to play with while she's awake {which is most of the day!}. I'm working on a bright colored decor pack and can't wait to print and laminate it and share with you, but until then, I did finish a new alphabet sorting pack that you can check out by clicking the picture below.

I also updated my Amazing Alphabet pack and you can also get it by clicking the picture below.

Next on my agenda is taking a trip to Nashville this weekend! My mom works there at least once every month and Ellie Grace and I have decided to tag along and we can't wait! If any of you are in that area and can recommend some fun things to do with a 7 month old, pass them along :).
On the way back, we're going to stop in Birmingham and I am super excited to be meeting up with some sweetie pie Alabama bloggers. If you're a blogger or blog reader and will be near Birmingham on the 29th, we would LOVE for you to come meet up with us for lunch and a little shopping at Hobby Lobby.
That's about it for now. Hopefully, I'll be better at blogging, but just in case I'm not, be sure to follow me on Instagram and Facebook {I'm much better about posting there and I might just have a little giveaway for my new packs!}.
Happy summer friends!


  1. love what you have! these would be great for the beginning of the school year! enjoy that peanut! she is too cute!

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