Mother's Day Mania {Freebie}

First, I want to say thank you so much to everyone who purchased something during the TpT Teacher Appreciation Sale!! I am still amazed that other teachers are able to use the things I make and I truly appreciate you spending your very hard earned money in my store. I hope you all have felt appreciated this week.

Is it just me, or did Mother's Day kind of creep up pretty quickly this year? I've known for a while what we were going to do for our moms, but realized Monday that we better get on the ball!
First, we read a Gilbert story, Mother You're the Best, but Sister You're a Pest and talked about what Mother's Day is. Then, we made a little chart with words we can use to describe our mom as well as things our mom does.

Then, we wrote cards for our mom. The kids really tried hard on their writing and they turned out really cute.

We also made our moms a little "Breakfast in Bed" {kindergarten style}. This is an idea I got from Little Giraffes and the kids love to do it! We put a honey bun, granola bar, and juice box in a bag with a pretty napkin then decorate the outside with our picture and a poem. These always turn out so cute!

Last, what Mother's Day would be complete without a handprint? We very quickly did these today and attached a cute little poem that I have had for years, but have no idea where it originated. If you happen to know, can you tell me so I can give credit? :)

If you're still needing to get something together for your moms this year,or if you want to save for next year,  you can get both of the poems above and the card here in google docs.
That's it for today...what are you doing for Mother's Day in your classroom?


  1. Adorable anchor chart! LOVE the Breakfast in Bed and ADORE that little poem. Thank you for sharing your goodies :)

  2. Adorable! Breakfast in a bag`~what a great idea!


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