The Very Hungry Caterpillar

I absolutely love the story, The Very Hungry Caterpillar. I know it's pretty simple, but it's the perfect story to practice re-telling. I look forward to doing this story every year and it might be because of this super cute craft we make that my friends Bunnee and Deeanna came up with a few years back. {Deeanna has this activity in her TpT store.}
Let me explain....
While this activity does take quite a bit of prep work, it is so worth it and the kids love it! You need 8 plates for each child that have the circles cut out. The caterpillar is a sock that we dyed green, hot glued wiggly eyes to, and drew a mouth on. On each of the plates, we glued the food the caterpillar ate, then drew the leaf he ate, and drew a butterfly on the end to show what he turned into. The kids put the caterpillar on their arm and stick him through all the plates to help them re-tell the story. Here is is in action:

I think we got in partners about 5 times today retelling the story! The kids could not get enough and were so excited to take them home. Deeanna's pack has lots of other cute activities for the story, so scoot on over and grab it up!

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