Bees and Math Centers

Today we learned all about honeybees. We started by reading an informational book and recording what we learned about honeybees {and I have to say I learned some new things too!}. Then, we made some bees and wrote facts we learned from the story since we are working really hard to remember that informational texts teach us and give us facts.
{Excuse my misspelled word...after I took the picture I realized it and we had a quick little lesson on teachers making mistakes too sometimes :) }

We also made a little Venn diagram to help us compare fiction and non-fiction since we've alternated so much between the two this week.
In math, we added a few new centers...
This is from Deeanna's pack of bug centers

This is from my Spring Center pack

Also from my Spring Center pack
Yesterday, I posted about our firefly math activity and for some reason  my link to Deeanna's new unit didn't post. That activity and lots of other really great ones can be found in her Critters in the Garden pack.
Happy almost Friday friends!! I have my one and only formal observation of the year tomorrow, so I'm going to bed early :).


  1. Good luck with your observation! I just love your bee activities!

    Learning With Mrs. Leeby

  2. Love the bee activities! Good luck with your observation I'm sure you'll rock it! ;)

  3. Good luck on your observation. Cute bees. We all misspell :) especially when taking notes from a class of excited learners. We studied bees yesterday, too. We focused on the impact of humans (types of beehives, beekeeping, etc..) and I learned a lot.

  4. I'm so glad that you posted these pictures. I TOTALLY forgot that I purchased your Spring Center pack last year during summer break. I off to TPT to download it now. I just pinned ya

    ✰ Stacy

    Simpson Superstars


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