Random with a Freebie {and a Winner!}

I had full intentions of getting this blog post written this weekend, but life kind of had other plans. Better late than never, right?
We finished up our penguin fun last week by reading Three Cheers for Tacky and comparing it to the original Tacky book.
We also compared Tacky to a real penguin.

In our writing center, we wrote about penguins and this one cracked me up!
"Penguins don't fly. Penguins eat fish. Penguins puke the on to their mouth for their babies."
We also used our penguin friends to help us practice comparing numbers. The kids took turns being either a fish or the penguin, while the other kids wrote the inequality. They loved this game! {You can get it here}

Friday, we started talking about friends and things friends do and ways they act {I think we all need a reminder about this time of year!}. We made a tree map about friends as a class, then made these cute friends to hold our individual tree maps.

We also started our Valentine fun by graphing candy hearts on Friday. First we sorted our hearts, then graphed them, and did our data page. You can get the graphs and data pages here as a freebie {there are 2 different versions}.

Lastly, congratulations Kelly Stahl! You won my Valentine's pack and Deeanna's Valentine math pack. We will send you them tonight! Happy Monday everyone!


  1. It seems as if y'all are working hard like we are!!!


    The Daily Alphabet

  2. Thanks for the graphing freebies. The kiddos love doing this every year! :)

    Granny Goes to School

  3. The freebies are perfect! Thank you :) I love the penguin Venn Diagrams.

    Literacy Without Worksheets

  4. Cute penguin activities full of learning opportunities! I can't wait until our penguin unit at my school!


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