Pumpkin Fun!

Today, we started learning about pumpkins and the kids are already super excited, especially since we went on a field trip to the pumpkin patch last week. We began by reading From Seed to Pumpkin and working together to write about how a pumpkin grows.
 We also painted plates to be our pumpkins that we will attach our pumpkin life cycle to tomorrow (thanks to The Bubbly Blonde!)
We always just use our fingers to paint...saves time and saves the hassle of washing the paintbrushes!
In math, we started working on the number 9. We are using the song, 5 Pumpkins Fat and Round, but I changed it to be 9 pumpkins so it would fit what we are doing this week. I have used this song since my first year of teaching and have no idea where it originally came from, so if you know, let me know :).

We worked on the promethean board to practice taking one away (when the farmer's son comes and picks one) and wrote our equations on white boards. We also practiced adding 1 more while putting 9 pumpkins on our ten frame.

I could not make this picture turn...grrr! The kids are getting so good at knowing whether we need to add or subtract!

Also, since I'm about to be on maternity leave any day, I'm trying really hard to get everything ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I made this game for my kiddos since we are really getting into reading CVC words (you can get it for free by clicking on the picture)

If you're still needing a few activities for Halloween, here are some things from my TpT store to check out:

Hope you all had a great Monday!!


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