In Pictures and In Words - Chapter 8

I am still loving this book and reading everyone's posts! I finally got to my classroom today, so of course, the first thing I did was dig through all my books, looking at them with "fresh" eyes.
Chapter 8 delves into techniques illustrators use relating to precision and detail. One of my favorite quotes from this chapter says, "Writers paint pictures with words and illustrators paint pictures with pictures, but they are both trying to help readers experience and understand , and precise detail is certainly one means to that end for both word artists and picture artists." Wood discusses how helping children develop their observation skills is key when studying these techniques, and most children are already pretty good at noticing small details (you know you have some sweeties who yell out all the details while you're reading!).

The techniques discussed in this chapter include:
#13 - Crafting Details of Expression and Gesture
#14 - Crafting Physical Details of Characters
#15 - Revealing Character with Background Details
#16 - Crafting Details From the World of Nature
#17 - Showing the Effects of Weather on a Scene
#18 - Crafting Details From the World of People
#19 - Using Authentic, Object-Specific Details
#20 - Crafting the Illusion of Motion with Detail
#21 - Crafting the Illusion of Sound with Details
#22 - Using Details as an Element of Surprise

Here are a few illustrations from some books that show these techniques:
Corduroy: #13 - Although the author never tells us the little girl is sad, it's obvious as the little girl has to leave without him

Zara's Hats: #14 and #15 - The characters are dressed in a manner that reflects where and in what time period they live. The background gives us major clues as to what the father does for a living. 

Zara's Hats: #18 - We can see the world the family lives in by the details in many of the pictures like this one.

The Most Perfect Spot: #17 - When it begins raining, the illustrator shows us how the numerous people in the park react.

Miss Nelson is Missing: #13 and #14: One of my faves! We definitely learn a lot about Viola Swamp by her appearance and expressions. We don't even need words to know what she might be like!

The Quiltmaker's Journey: #16 and #20 - This book has beautiful illustrations and this one in particular shows a beautiful scene from nature.

Goldilocks Rocks: # 20 - The feathers in the air, along with Goldilock's hair, show us the motion of the two characters.
To read more, visit Growing Kinders...she is hosting this week's study.

I so badly wanted to get some things done at school, but I still don't know where my room will be, so I'm kind of stuck, so maybe I'll make some more freebies this week :). Think that will take my mind off of not getting to go to the kindergarten conference in Vegas?? I am so jealous of everyone going!

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