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We got back from the beach this past weekend, and I have been in common core meetings ever since! Monday and Tuesday our county had meetings for us to become more familiar with the Language Arts standards {kindergarten used these last year, but 1st grade will be using them next year also}. Today, a group of teachers from my school met to meet about the math standards. We are working to develop lessons for Florida's CPALMS website, which basically is the central location to get standards and resources. The state is trying to get more quality resources and lessons, so we will be busy this summer getting some things together. We are still trying to determine if you will be able to get to the lessons {they're all free} if you don't teach in Florida. As we were going through the K-2 standards today, I was wondering what other teachers who used the kindergarten common core math last year struggled with the most. I would really like to make my lessons correlate with standards that my blog readers need resources for or help with. Any suggestions on what standards you would like addressed would be very much appreciated.

Did you use common core last year? Are you using it this year and if so, what did/do you think? 


  1. This year will be the first year that 1st grade at my school uses CC so I look forward to getting any help that I can get! I have been on CPALMS briefly but plan on exploring more this summer because it is a pretty extensive website. :)

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    1. We have 3 first grade teachers working on our team, so hopefully I'll have something good to share before school starts. I am actually not sure how many resources CPALMS has right now, but I know there are quite a few groups who got approved to work on things this summer, so hopefully soon there will be lots there :)

  2. We are formally adopting it for the upcoming school year. It almost feels as if I'm teaching 1st grade again, except there are a lot of students who didn't have the pre-requisite skills necessary. It's kind of scary. I do like the fact that we focus more on number sense. We'll see.

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  3. Hi, I used Common Core last year, Kindergarten in Kansas, and the Math did not seem to be too big of a deal. I would say my biggest trouble spots were; naming 3 dimensional shapes and fluently subtract w/ 5. I am beefing up my materials in these two areas. Some of the best books I bought last year for shapes were "Captain Invincible and the Space Shapes" and “Cones, Cubes, And Spheres” by Tana Hoban.

  4. My two team members and I really enjoyed the CCSS for Kdg Math this year. Can't imagine going backwards to do a "little of this and a little of that". The challenge was in coming up with many more and varied ways to give them PRACTICE - something they never really to dive into too much before. But we loved it. We did see greater understanding and fluency.


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