A Whole Lotta Random

We have been busy, busy, busy getting into our ocean unit, and we are having so much fun!

I'm off to work on things for the rest of this week...I feel like I have so much to get in, especially since we have testing next week (ugh!). Our county decided that since K-2 doesn't take the FCAT (our state standardized test), that we needed to join in the fun, so they created their own standardized test for us...aren't you jealous?


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  2. So cute!! I can't wait to get into our Oceans unit next week!!

    The Daily Alphabet

  3. Love the Action Words activity!
    ~ Amy

  4. Thanks for mentioning that Splash has lots of action words. I love to integrate grammar and reading. Love the sharks, too!

    Lori (luvyorkies@gmail.com)
    Teaching With Love and Laughter

  5. Boo on testing. :( We start tomorrow and I am wedged between two testing rooms. During the practice exam in March I was told my paper towel dispenser was too noisy and we couldn't use it anymore that day. Sigh... Try to enjoy your week and your cuties. :)



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