Graphing M&Ms

You can get the graphing pages here as a freebie. Yay for Spring Break!!


  1. Hi Vickie! I love the graph! (and M&Ms!) So cute! For most and least, we do a check in question each day that I bought from a Kim Adsit TPT product. There are enough questions for the whole year anf they are cute as can be. I have a pick of one on my website under Classroom Tour -

    They check in as soon as they enter the classroom. Then during our morning meeting, we count the responses and decide which is most and least, then I pull out a gator puppet and I make him nibble on the children whose names were under the greater answer. We call him our greator gator. I got the gator puppet at Stein Mart a few years ago. Doing this daily has helped TONS. They are now to the point where they say "we know ____ side is greater without counting. Our eyes can tell us the answer." I hope this helps. Good luck!

  2. So jealous, I wish I had another week of Spring Break! For most/least, I use the candy as a modeling exercise. When we talk about who has more candy, and who has the least, they have no problem remembering then!

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