Happy Saturday! Hopefully, all of you are keeping safe in the poor friends and family in B'ham can't seem to catch a break! It is raining like crazy here, but I did make it to Best Buy to get my charger issue fixed and some corrections made to my packs. 

If you have purchased my St. Patrick's Day pack, please go re-download it {the formatting errors are fixed}. I also added another math center for counting and one to one correspondence for your little ones {and mine} that are still having trouble in that area. If you haven't purchased the pack, you can do so by clicking on the picture. You get 5 literacy centers {with an alternative for 1, so technically 6}, more than 9 variations of math centers, graphic organizers, writing prompts, and a graphing activity for only $8!
Also, if you purchased my Super Sight Words 2 pack, please re download it as I noticed a typo {as I was passing out a paper to my kids!!}. Thanks so much for understanding! Hopefully, we'll all get some sunshine tomorrow!


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    1. Me too! I was not only annoyed for the people who bought it, but also by the fact that I wasted 18 copies b/c it was wrong!

  2. Just re-downloaded from TPT. Thanks for the new addition! You are so generous! :)

    ~ Amy


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