To go along with Valentine's Day, we are talking all about friendship this week. I think it goes perfectly with the season of love and we can all use a little reminder this time of year about how to be a good friend. Sorry again for some of the pictures looking greenish...not sure what's going on :)

You can get the What Do You Love writing page by clicking on the red words.

Also, in the spirit of friendship, my Love is in the Air Valentine unit will be on sale for $5 tonight only until midnight. It's usually $8 and you get a ton of math and language arts centers and activities!


  1. What great ideas! These are fabulous!

  2. I am glad you liked my idea. Just make sure you have an extra person to hlep mix paint. I have a student teacher, so she helped out with this part. :) It will tie in well with friendship. I was going to use these ideas from you for next week. We can just flip flop our plans from now on - ha ha ha!


  3. Wow! Love everything! !Thank you so much for sharing!


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