You asked for them and here they are! We haven't started "official" subtraction yet (we've done lots of story problems), but when we get back next week, we will start working full steam on it. Here are some number line subtraction pages that you can hopefully use :). Just click on the picture to grab them!

Congrats to Lisa and should be getting an email shortly with a link to your packets :).

That's it for today...gotta get back on the beach. I promise to add the subtraction pages by the end of the week :).
To celebrate Spring Break, I have finished my pack of Spring Fever math and language arts centers! It is PACKED with 7 language arts centers and 8 math centers that meet lots of common core standards. You can see more by clicking the picture.

I will give a FREE copy to 2 lucky people who comment on this post...I will pick the winners tomorrow hopefully by noon. :)
We are off to the beach for a few days (we're super lucky to live only a little over an hour away!), but I do plan on posting some subtraction practice pages this week similar to the addition ones I posted a little while back. Hope everyone has a great week!
You can get the graphing pages here as a freebie. Yay for Spring Break!!

We only have 1 more day until Spring Break and I am so ready! I have about a million things I need to work on to finish up the year and my classroom is in desperate need of organizing, so I'm sure I'll be at the school at least one day! Then, it's off to Birmingham to be in one of my BFF's weddings :). This is what we've been doing the past few days.

As I was getting my Spring M&Ms ready to graph today, I realized I left green off of the graphing and data pages I made! I will fix that tonight and update it! Also, if you purchased my Easter pack before last night, please re-download it. The recording page for the carrot subtraction was missing the numbers in the corners...sorry!

You can see the Eater themed centers here.
You can get the Domino Digits recording page here and the Story Map recording page here.

Three more days until Spring Break!!

First, let me thank each of you for all your sweet comments and prayers for my husband. We appreciate each one of them more than you know! We got a good report from the doctor and got some answers for some issues he's been having.
Today was a busy day in kindergarten!

Happy Friday!! If you're needing some language arts or math centers for the next few weeks, check our my Easter pack here. :)

You can see my St. Patrick's Day pack here.
Happy almost Friday!
While we were sitting in our hotel room last night {eating cheesecake and watching ESPN to see who made the tournament}, I made some graphs for us to use this spring. I've always graphed M&Ms and jellybeans, but my old graphs were a little outdated, so I made some new ones. Hopefully, you will be able to use one or both of them. 

{Some fonts are Miss Tina}

Hope everyone is having a great Monday!
Thanks to everyone for all of your sweet comments! Congratulations to:

I am about to get in the car to drive to Jacksonville, but I will email you your goodies tonight!

Also, I am SOOO excited about my new blog design. Erin at Creating and Designing created it for me and was such a pleasure to work with! She asked for all my ideas, then created {and at a VERY reasonable cost}. If you are looking for a blog design, I highly recommend her! My husband has a follow up appointment tomorrow with his brain injury rehab doctor, so I won't be at school {sub plans are such a pain!}. Hopefully, I'll be able to post a few graphs for you tomorrow!
Wow!! I was so excited to wake up this morning and find that I have reached 200 followers! I can't tell you how thankful I am that each of you take the time to follow my blog...I truly appreciate it! In honor of my appreciation, I'm giving away a copy of everything in my TpT store to one lucky winner! You can see everything you will get here. You can enter 3 ways: 
1. Follow my blog and leave a comment saying that you do.
2. Follow my TpT store and leave a comment saying that you do.
3. Leave a comment telling me your favorite thing to teach in the spring.
Leave your comments by tomorrow (March 11) at noon (central time) and then I'll pick a winner. 

In other news, I finished my Easter math and language arts can see them here. 
I have included variations of games that will hopefully meet all of your common core needs. 
I'm off to get a copy of The Hunger Games...apparently it's a must read and I've finally decided to do it :). Happy Saturday!
We started our new St. Patrick's Day workshops and math centers today, and the kids loved them!

You can get these activities and MANY more here.

Click here for the Green Eggs Math.

You can get the onomatopoeia page here.

You can get the rhyme time page here.

You can get the people house page from yesterday here.

You can get the flashcards for FREE by clicking on this picture. Let me know if you come up with some creative ways to get your kids fluent in these facts!
If you missed them the first time, you can get the number line addition pages here.

Happy Saturday! Hopefully, all of you are keeping safe in the poor friends and family in B'ham can't seem to catch a break! It is raining like crazy here, but I did make it to Best Buy to get my charger issue fixed and some corrections made to my packs. 

If you have purchased my St. Patrick's Day pack, please go re-download it {the formatting errors are fixed}. I also added another math center for counting and one to one correspondence for your little ones {and mine} that are still having trouble in that area. If you haven't purchased the pack, you can do so by clicking on the picture. You get 5 literacy centers {with an alternative for 1, so technically 6}, more than 9 variations of math centers, graphic organizers, writing prompts, and a graphing activity for only $8!
Also, if you purchased my Super Sight Words 2 pack, please re download it as I noticed a typo {as I was passing out a paper to my kids!!}. Thanks so much for understanding! Hopefully, we'll all get some sunshine tomorrow!

Have a great weekend!

Thank you so much to everyone who has purchased my items on TpT! It is very humbling that other teachers are able to use my resources! A big thank you to Amy for letting me know that the graphing page in my new St. Patrick's Day pack is off {that's what I get for staying up too late!}. The bad news is that my home computer that the pack is on will not charge right now, so I can't fix it. I should be able to get to it Saturday and will have it fixed! So sorry about that!!

We are moving right along with our Seuss activities and my kids are still loving them!

You can get the fish freebie here. I'm also going to work on the addition pages this weekend from yesterday :). Happy almost Friday!

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